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Are you looking for trusted drilling services in Canada?

At NPLH Drilling, our dedicated professionals are the driving force behind our superior service. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a passion for staying ahead, our team upholds the highest standards of quality across mine drilling, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. Our seasoned experts, who have collectively seen through hundreds of projects, form the backbone of our success. We take pride in our diverse family of professionals, each contributing their unique expertise to ensure client satisfaction and maintain our competitive edge, ensuring that the NPLH name is synonymous with excellence.

Dana Blaquiere Norkum



Alexander Blaquiere


Jeffrey Blaquiere

Operations Manager

Scott Frechette
Project Manager

Linda Mohanie Moursalien
Legal and Human Resources Director

Eric Bouchard
Health & Safety Director

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Are you looking for trusted drilling services in Canada?

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