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Awards & Recongnition

NPLH Drilling Honored with the Prestigious 2023 Nova Award for Best Business of the Year
Kidd Operations Business of the Year Award (11+ Employees)

[Timmins, May 12, 2023] – NPLH Drilling, a leader in the drilling industry, is proud to announce its recent achievement of the prestigious 2023 Nova Award for Best Business of the Year. This esteemed award recognizes outstanding businesses that demonstrate excellence in innovation, sustainability, and corporate responsibility.

NPLH Drilling has been selected for this honor from a highly competitive field of nominees, highlighting its exceptional performance in delivering sustainable and responsible drilling solutions. This achievement is a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operations, including environmental stewardship, community engagement, employee welfare, and strong governance practices.

“This award is a reflection of our dedicated team’s hard work and commitment to not just meeting, but exceeding industry standards in sustainability and corporate responsibility,” said Dana Blaquiere, CEO of NPLH Drilling. “We are honored to receive the Nova Award and will continue to set the bar high in our industry, ensuring we contribute positively to the economy, environment, and society.”

The Nova Awards, established in 2002, are annually given to businesses that excel in their respective fields and contribute significantly to the broader industry landscape. The award for Best Business of the Year is particularly significant, as it acknowledges a company’s all-around excellence and its positive impact on stakeholders, including employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

Under the leadership of Alex and Dana Blaquiere, NPLH Drilling has made significant strides in integrating innovative technologies and sustainable practices into its business model. The company’s approach to environmental conservation, employee safety, and community development has set new standards in the drilling industry.

NPLH Drilling extends its gratitude to its employees, partners, and customers who have been instrumental in achieving this recognition. The company remains committed to maintaining its leadership position in the industry by continuing to innovate and operate with integrity and responsibility.

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