Safety Standard Charter

NPLH Drilling’s safety standards are a living framework, evolving with each lesson learned and every advancement in safety. Our employees stand at the heart of this evolution, ensuring that as we grow, we set new benchmarks for safety excellence in the industry.

Commitment to Core Safety Values

At NPLH Drilling, safety transcends policy; it is an ingrained core value. Our operations pivot on a proactive health and safety culture that ensures the well-being of every individual on our team. Recognizing that safety is not just a priority but a precondition, we steadfastly adhere to surpassing government and client expectations.

Proactive Health and Safety

We are proactive, not just responsive, in our health and safety ethos. We believe that the best incident is the one that never happens. Hence, our approach extends beyond mere compliance, emphasizing the anticipation, recognition, and prevention of workplace hazards.

Integrated Safety System

Our integrated management system, developed in collaboration with industry pacesetters in behavioral safety and incident analysis, is OSHA-compliant and reflects a best-in-class standard for our workforce. Through this synergy, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge technology to streamline access to updated safety protocols across all branches promptly.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

We are committed to a continuous learning environment. The valuable insights we gain from our operations are swiftly disseminated across the company, ensuring collective growth and unified safety practices.

Empowerment through Training

Our dedicated crews are the embodiment of our safety principles. Through comprehensive training programs, each NPLH Drilling employee is empowered with the knowledge of their right to a safe work environment and the responsibility they carry to maintain it daily.

Shared Responsibility

Safety excellence is a shared journey at NPLH Drilling. We foster an atmosphere where every team member is an active participant in upholding our safety standards, understanding that individual actions contribute to the collective safety record.

Technology and Innovation

Leveraging technological advancements, we assure real-time accessibility to safety standards, enabling swift action and informed decision-making that aligns with our unwavering commitment to a zero-incident workplace.

Behavioral Safety Partnership

In alliance with thought leaders in behavioral safety, we have crafted a safety system that resonates with our employees’ values and behaviors, ensuring that safety is a personal commitment as much as it is a professional one.

Comprehensive Incident Investigation

Our incident investigation procedures are thorough and insightful, aiming not only to address the immediate causes but also to identify underlying factors to prevent recurrence.

Robust Workers’ Compensation Program

We provide a robust workers’ compensation program that supports our employees in the event of workplace injuries, affirming our commitment to their health and financial security.

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