Alexander Blaquiere

Alexander Blaquiere

Alex Blaquiere, alongside his sister Dana, is a driving force behind NPLH Drilling, where his expansive expertise in mechanical repairs and technical services plays a pivotal role. His journey within the industry began at DAAK Enterprise, a foundational venture into the large forestry business, which equipped him with a vast knowledge of forestry and mining operations. This diverse background has been instrumental in his adept leadership and strategic direction at NPLH Drilling.

With a hands-on approach to business, Alex has mastered every operational role within the company, from helper to driller and supervisor. This breadth of experience not only enhances his leadership but also fosters a deep respect and understanding for his team’s work, ensuring a cohesive and motivated workforce.

At the heart of Alex’s ethos is a commitment to family-oriented values, a principle shared with his co-owner and sister, Dana. Together, they have cultivated NPLH Drilling into a company that champions personal and professional growth, underpinned by a strong sense of community and shared purpose.

Under Alex’s guidance, NPLH Drilling has solidified its reputation as a leader in the drilling industry, renowned for its innovative practices, commitment to excellence, and unwavering dedication to safety and efficiency. His extensive industry knowledge, coupled with a strategic vision for growth, has propelled the company to the forefront of technological advancements and operational best practices.

Alex’s leadership has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the market, driving NPLH Drilling towards sustainable growth and expansion. His emphasis on continuous learning and development within the team ensures the company remains adaptive and forward-looking, consistently exceeding client expectations.

Co-owned with Dana, Alexander Blaquiere’s influence on NPLH Drilling has been transformative. Together, they have established a legacy of excellence, innovation, and family values that continue to define the company’s success in the drilling sector.

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