NPLH Drilling is dedicated to ensuring that the benefits derived from our drilling operations extend to Indigenous individuals. We understand the significance of fostering economic empowerment and social progress within Indigenous communities, and as such, we are committed to implementing inclusive hiring practices, providing comprehensive training and skill development initiatives, and fostering robust partnerships with local Indigenous businesses.

In line with this commitment, we have appointed an internal Indigenous Relations Lead who serves as a liaison between our company and the First Nation communities and Indigenous Organizations.

This appointment underscores our commitment to not only adhere to but exceed industry standards, ensuring that Indigenous members are adequately represented, supported, and presented with ample opportunities for professional growth within our organization.

Takwata NPLH Drilling Limited Partnership

The business arrangement of Takwata NPLH Drilling is a Limited Business Partnership formed between Taykwa Tagamou Nation and NPLH Drilling. This partnership, forged under the leadership of Taykwa Tagamoou Nation, Chief Bruce Archibald and NPLH Drilling Co-Owner, Dana Blaquiere, represents a collaborative effort aimed at fostering economic growth and sustainability within the respective communities.

Takwata NPLH Drilling is a testament to our shared commitment to responsible resource development and Indigenous economic empowerment. Through this partnership, we aim to leverage our combined expertise and resources to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the drilling sector while upholding the values of environmental stewardship and cultural preservation.

It is important to note that our partnership is not merely a contractual agreement but a reflection of the strong bond and mutual respect between Taykwa Tagamou Nation and NPLH Drilling. As such, the Limited Business Partnership is fully supported and endorsed by Taykwa Tagamou Nation, ensuring alignment with community interests and priorities.

Mattagami Aki & NPLH Drilling Joint Venture

Throughout the years, NPLH Drilling has fostered a strong relationship with Mattagami First Nation and has a joint venture partnership with Mattagami First Nation’s business division Mattagami AKI GP.

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