Eric Bouchard

Eric Bouchard
Health & Safety Director

As a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Registered Professional Trainer, Eric brings more than two decades of dedicated safety expertise to his role as the Director of Health and Safety. With a professional journey that began in the electrical construction trade, Eric has skillfully transitioned from an on-site supervisor to a pivotal figure in health and safety, demonstrating a profound commitment to workplace wellness and security across various sectors including construction, forestry manufacturing, mining, and heavy industry.

Joining our team in 2020, Eric has become an indispensable member of our leadership, elevating our health and safety protocols to unparalleled levels. His innovative leadership has revolutionized our Health & Safety department, implementing practices that not only meet but exceed industry standards, thereby establishing new benchmarks for occupational safety and wellness. Through Eric’s visionary approach to risk management, comprehensive training programs, and the development of rigorous safety protocols, he has significantly fortified our dedication to creating a safe and health-conscious work environment.

Under Eric’s strategic guidance, a safety-first culture has been seamlessly integrated into every layer of our organization. His expertise and forward-thinking have ensured that NPLH Drilling remains at the forefront of health and safety excellence within the industry. Eric’s ability to inspire change and implement strategic safety measures has not only enhanced our company’s operational efficiency but has also solidified our reputation as a leader in health and safety standards.

Through his exceptional leadership and commitment to excellence, Eric stands as a testament to the transformative power of effective health and safety management, making him a true asset to our team and an exemplary figure in the industry.

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