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In addition to our wide range of drilling services, NPLH Drilling offers comprehensive maintenance and repair capabilities through our extended facility, Hydraulics Plus. This industrial-grade facility is a cornerstone of our operations, ensuring our equipment meets the rigorous demands of drilling projects.

Hydraulics Plus: Industrial-Grade Maintenance & Repair Facility

Computerized Diagnostic Capabilities

Rapid Repair Services

Hydraulic Rig Expertise

Machine Shop Services

Field Service Support

Quality Assurance

Seamless Integration with Drilling Operations

Hydraulics Plus is not just a facility; it’s an integrated part of NPLH Drilling’s commitment to operational excellence. The synergy between our drilling services and repair capabilities ensures a level of responsiveness and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. By maintaining control over the maintenance and repair of our equipment, we ensure that our fleet is always in peak condition, ready to tackle the challenges of any project and any environment.

Ensuring Continuous Operation

The strategic advantage of having Hydraulics Plus as part of our operational infrastructure is clear: we can guarantee that the tools and machinery essential to your project’s success are serviced to the highest standard, ensuring continuous, efficient, and safe operation, even under the most challenging conditions.

With NPLH Drilling and Hydraulics Plus, you have a partner that is equipped not only to perform to the highest standards but also to uphold them through every phase of your project.

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Are you looking for trusted drilling services in Canada?

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